At our meeting Saturday at the Companion Animal Alliance facility, we were privileged and delighted to hear the current status of their new digs. Beth Brewster, Executive Director, gave the presentation. Building will start this year. The location has been moved to Gourrier Avenue, totaling 12 acres, across from Alex Box Stadium. An evacuation shelter will also be included. The area shaded in yellow will be the actual shelter, the evacuation shelter, and included is an equine pasture. They’ll have a catio for the cats, as well as other areas.  Animal Control will remain at the old location, and will also serve as the call center; all animals will be brought to the new location. All but $50,000.00 has been raised for the new shelter. A new transport van was just donated by Petsmart Charities.  This is a recap of Beth’s presentation; doing more progressive things in the Baton Rouge area, such as TNR and Pets for Life.  We are very happy for them.