The 2017 legislative session begins on Monday, April 10th., and ends on June 8th.

Stay tuned for information on bills filed on behalf of animal welfare.

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Compiled list of animal welfare related bills for the 2016 legislative session
(Click Bill # for full text of bill and name of rep/senator for their individual webpage, with email address included)
PLEASE take a minute to thank these legislators for introducing and supporting animal welfare bills. We need to let them know they’re appreciated.
SB216 by Senator Troy Carter – Animals: Creates the Louisiana Animal Shelter Registry. (Sponsored by the Humane Society of Louisiana) ACT 381  PASSED
View Senate Floor Vote  View House Floor Vote
SB 337 by Senator Danny MartinyAnimals: Provides relative to the sale of dogs and cats in retail stores. (Sponsored by HSUS-Louisiana) ACT 618  PASSED
View Senate Floor Vote  View House Floor Vote
SB 435 by Senator J. P. MorrellTHEFT: Provides relative to the theft of animals.  ACT 585              View Senate Vote Here   View House Floor Vote  PASSED
HB 1084  by Representative Jerome ZeringueWILDLIFE & FISHERIES: Requires the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to adopt rules to control and prohibit the importation and private possession of big exotic cats  FAILED
View House Vote Here
SB 402 by Senator J. P. MorrellCRIME/PUNISHMENT: Adds provisions regarding the unlawful restraint of a dog. (to restrain any animal outdoors during inclement weather, such as flooding, tornado, hurricanes, as determined by the National Weather Service)
Pending Senate Judiciary C  FAILED