The 2018 legislative session begins on Monday, March 12th., and ends on June 4th.

Stay tuned for information on bills filed on behalf of animal welfare.

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 List of animal welfare related bills for the 2018 legislative session as of April 13th.

HB 121 (Amended)by Representative Jean-Paul Coussan

ANIMALS – Provides relative to the crime of unlawful restraint of a dog

House Vote


SB 160 (Amended)  by Senator Troy Carter

ANIMALS – Prohibits the restraint of a dog or cat in extreme weather conditions

Senate Vote


SB 53   by Senator J.P. Morrell

CRIME/PUNISHMENT:  Classifies cruelty to animals as a “crime of violence

Failed in committee


SB 236 (Amended)   by Senator J.P. Morrell

CRIME/PUNISHMENT. Creates the crime of sexual abuse of an animal.

Senate Vote


HB 292 (Amended) by Rep. Beryl Amedee   

COURTS:  Provides relative to the use of a facility dog by a witness during a court proceeding

House Vote



SB 156 (Amended) by Sen. Troy Carter

LIABILITY:  Provides immunity from liability for person providing gratuitous emergency care to a minor or domestic animal. (8/1/18)

Senate Vote

SB 485 by Sen. Troy Carter

ANIMALS:  Prohibits the raffle or giving away of certain animals as a novelty or prize at a carnival or fair