The 2017 legislative session begins on Monday, April 10th., and ends on June 8th.

Stay tuned for information on bills filed on behalf of animal welfare.

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  List of animal welfare related bills for the 2017 legislative session as of June 8th


                                HB 251 by Representative Clay Schexnayder (Gonzales)

HB 251 AS AMENDED (Final)

                House Floor Vote                     PASSED                                        Senate Floor Vote       

Specifies that an animal is declared abandoned after a declared emergency when the animal is receiving temporary shelter services and the owner does not claim the animal within 30 days of  the declared emergency.

HB 466 by Representative Charles R. “Bubba” Chaney (Rayville)

HB 466 AS AMENDED (Final)

House Floor Vote                         PASSED                                       Senate Floor Vote

The Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission (LAWC) is replaced by the Louisiana Animal Control Advisory Task Force under the control of the Department of Agriculture.  The amendments add one member from the public; keeps the Animal Shelter Registry intact, and renames the tax return checkoff from LAWC to the Louisiana Pet Overpopulation Council.

SB 64 by Senator Ryan Gatti (Bossier City)

SB 64, AS AMENDED (Final)

Senate Floor Vote       PASSED         House Floor Vote

Requires inspectors and shelter personnel to annually attend training offered by an accredited organization such as the Louisiana Animal Control Association (LACA), and shelters may maintain a social media account.

HB 214 by Rep. Dodie Horton (Haughton)

AGRICULTURE:  Prohibits the roadside sale of domestic rabbits

Current Status:  Pending House Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development

Never heard by Committee

 Proposed law prohibits a person from selling, offering for sale, delivering, bartering, auctioning, giving away or transferring any rabbit on the shoulder of the road of any state, local or interstate highway or at any festival in this state.  Also health, food, and maintenance requirements for stores, shops, vendors, and others offering domestic rabbits for sale.