Unfortunately, due to economic reasons, lack of legislative action and dissolution of the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission, COLAA is not in a position to implement the program at this time.   It will always remain one of our initiatives, and with the influx of so many newly formed rescue organizations, we firmly believe this is a much needed program for our state to oversee the quality care of animals in their custody.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or assistance with animal care protocols.  We have available the guide published by the Humane Society of the United States entitled Rescue Group Best Practices Guide for your use in helping to create your mission and vision into a highly respected rescue.

The Coalition of Louisiana Animal Advocates (COLAA) and the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission (LAWC) have formed a first-ever statewide Certified Animal Rescue Organization program for the state of Louisiana.

COLAA & LAWC Alliance Program Purpose

  • To provide a streamlined process that will encourage local animal control agencies, shelters, and law enforcement agencies to work with COLAA & LAWC Certified Animal Rescue Organizations who are meeting basic operating standards and employing national & state animal rescue practices.
  • To improve the operating practices of animal rescue organizations in the state.
  • To advocate and support the critically important work animal rescue organizations perform across the state.

COLAA & LAWC Alliance Program Goals

  • Help educate animal welfare and rescue organizations on national & state operating standards.
  • Provide guidance on how to effectively implement best practice guidelines.
  • Foster strong partnerships between animal control agencies/shelters and animal rescue organizations.
  • Encourage animal control agencies and shelters to work with the COLAA & LAWC Certified Animal Rescue Organizations.
  • Bring Louisiana into the national forefront on animal rescue organization operating practices.

COLAA & LAWC Alliance Lagniappe

  • COLAA & LAWC Certified Animal Rescue Organizations will automatically be enrolled and considered for LAWC grants, when available.
  • Use of the COLAA & LAWC Certified Animal Rescue Organization logo on your organizations website, social media sites, and printed materials.
  • Certified organization’s name listed on the COLAA & LAWC websites as a Certified Animal Rescue Organization.
  • The LAWC Shelter Inspection Program will make recommendations to agencies and shelters to work with COLAA & LAWC Certified Animal Rescue Organization when conducting agency/shelter inspections.
  • Access to a directory of COLAA & LAWC Certified Animal Rescue Organizations operating in the state to help coordinate placement efforts among certified groups.
  • Certified Animal Rescue Organizations may be eligible for the COLAA & LAWC Alliance Standard of Excellence Award; an annual award program aimed at recognizing an animal rescue organization that has shown exemplary work in the field of animal rescue.

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Who Can Apply to Be A Certified Rescue Organization?

This program is designed for private companion animal rescue organizations operating in the state of Louisiana only.

Such as:

  • All breed rescue organizations
  • Specific breed rescue organizations
  • Dog only rescues organizations
  • Cat only rescues organizations
  • Special needs rescue organizations

How to Apply:

Download the Certified Animal Rescue Organization Application and Checklist.  Please have your organization’s approved representative complete the application and provide all requested documentation that is requested on the checklist.  Follow the instructions to submit your Certified Animal Rescue Organization application.

After your application is received, you will be contacted by a COLAA/LAWC Alliance representative to discuss your application and request any additional information.  Once approved, you will receive your packet with a welcome letter, COLAA & LAWC Certificate of Certification, a copy of the Humane Society of the United States Rescue Group Best Practices Handbook, and a copy of COLAA’S Guide to Basic Animal Cruelty and Protection Laws for Louisiana.

The certification program is free and all animal rescue organizations operating in the state of Louisiana are encouraged to apply!