that the power of humane individuals and humane groups to make a positive difference is multiplied by coordinated action. Together we are stronger.  If you want to work to improve the lives of Louisiana’s animals…


COLAA Members Pledge to Support Three Goals

To prevent animal suffering due to neglect, abuse or cruelty and to promote kindness toward all living creatures.

To foster and underwrite humane education of the Louisiana public – especially school children and lawmakers.

To facilitate networking among Louisiana’s animal welfare and animal control organizations to forge a powerful alliance capable of effecting political and social change that will improve the lives of Louisiana’s animals to the greatest possible extent.


COLAA is a Louisiana non-profit corporation, I.D. 72-0933591, organized according to a set of by-laws and run democratically.

Our policies are consistent with the perceptions and beliefs of the majority of humane-minded people.  We have, for example, taken strong positions against dog fighting, cockfighting, puppy mills, animals as toys or prizes, canned hunts (killing animals in enclosures for a fee), harassment of wild horses on public lands, and slaughter of livestock.

Our common thread is our deep concern for the welfare of the animals of our state, nation, and planet.  Any citizen willing to work with us toward our goals of promoting humane treatment of of animals and stopping animal abuse and cruelty is welcome.

Belonging to COLAA offers valuable and personally enriching experiences.  Opportunities abound to encourage individual growth, increase knowledge of animal issues and develop professional expertise.  Many resources are provided to you as a result of your membership in COLAA.

COLAA was founded in 1981 by Holly Frederick Reynolds, the grande dame of the modern humane movement in Louisiana and the founder of such other important Louisiana humane groups as:

St.Tammany Humane Society

Capital Area Animal Welfare Society

To the present time, Holly continues to guide and inspire our work.